Select Basketball Coaching- My First Year

Select Basketball Coaching- My First Year

Tell us how you arrived at the decision to coach a team?

I wanted to find a coach that cared about the girls’ psyche, heart, confidence, future, love of the game, integrity and basketball skills as much as he/she did about winning games. When I asked Coach Chris and he told me he couldn’t do it (because he had an 8th grade team), I asked him to mentor/coach me through my first season of girls select basketball.

What was your coaching and athletic background before? How did that background help? How did it hurt?

I played every sport that I could growing up. I ended up participating in football, basketball and baseball in high school…..back when they allowed multi-sport athletes. I went on to play college football and couldn’t have asked for a better experience than I had at the University of Houston. I was surrounded by countless coaches and teammates that impacted me greatly. For the next several years, I bounced around many teams and leagues until I ended my career playing arena football….and then head coaching the Corpus Christi arena team for 4 years. During that time, I also coached high school basketball and football in the Houston area. Along the way, I have tried to take little things from every coach that I played for. Some of them I loved to play for because I felt like they loved me and they poured their lives into me. I want to be that kind of coach. I want my team to know that I love them in spite of their performance. YES, I want to win! But more than that, I want to be a positive influence in these girls’ lives…..and I want to equip them with the tools that will help them win no matter what path they take.

What were your biggest surprises in coaching this year?

How much fun it was! I found myself looking forward to practice and even more so to the weekends that we had tournaments.

What were your goals coming into this year in priority order?

  1. I wanted to be a coach that teaches these girls how to be winners and feel like winners
  2. I wanted to learn how to be a coach that teaches these girls basketball skills that they could use in any program
  3. To make sure we all had fun!

What cultural values do you have that you try to share with kids… either by modeling or words?

I hope the girls experience grace and love from me while (at the same time) I teach them how to respect and respond to future coaches, teachers, bosses, etc…

What were your biggest disappointments and what would you recommend to yourself if you could go back in time?

I will do a better job of setting expectations at the beginning of the season… for me, parents and the girls.

Your top tips for first year select basketball coaches? Have fun and make it be about the girls.

You coach 6th and under girls…. how will the values of competition change next year for them? How will you lead that?

I think it is appropriate for there to be a bigger emphasis on winning and commitment the older the girls get. It is a progression that should take place over time.

I see fun is very important theme for you… tell us why and how other coaches can incorporate.

At this age, the girls are so social. They are drawn to fun and fellowship with each other. A healthy dose of fun and work will keep them coming back and only increase their love of basketball. None of these girls are going to remember our record this season, but they will remember the day we spent at the park in between games, playing cards in the gym hallway and singing at the top of their lungs with their teammates in the car before playing in the championship game.

What are your thoughts on multi sport athletes and accommodating their schedules and their tired bodies?

I am a big believer in kids playing multiple sports. I think repetitive motions are not good for their little bodies or their minds……causing both injuries and burn-out. In addition to that, skills they learn in one sport will only help them in the other sports that they play.

What do you do for work and how do you see parallels in coaching and your “day job.”

I sell insurance and run an insurance agency. I tell my kids every day….no matter if you are at work, school or on a team, “Knowledge and education is very important, but how to treat and deal with people is more important”. The biggest parallel in my work life and coaching life is making people the most important thing because at the end of the day….people are what matters most.

I always say if the coach is not having fun… no one is. Did you have a fun season yourself?

I am having a blast and I appreciate the opportunity to work with these young ladies and learn under Coach Chris and Coach Fred.

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